Lucy Cash is an interdisciplinary artist whose work propels the familiar into the poetic and the improbable. It often involves social exchange and unconventional collaborations and has taken place in galleries, museums, libraries, housing estates, on water and in the air. Her work moves out from the body as a site of lived experience and agency.

Each work begins with an invitation – from another or from herself. An other can be human or otherwise, her self can be actual or imagined. An invitation, like a proposal, opens a space of possibility and offers a temporary authority. An invitation is by nature experimental and impermanent and lends itself to both group and solo explorations.

In previous works she has asked ‘how does a library move?’ creating sound installations and temporary site-specific sculptures for a library in London; researched the act of singing as a gesture of solidarity, harmony and strength with communities in Nine Elms, London; explored acts of naming in a research residency at The Foundling Museum; held a year-long educational residency with Whitechapel Gallery and created a week of daily performances for the OperaEstate in Bassano, Italy.

Between 2005 – 2009 she was an associate member of Goat Island performance group, making four moving image works with the company as well as contributing to writing and live performance. She continues to explore innovative forms of collaboration – working with people from a range of communities and fields of expertise.

Her moving image work has been shown on television, (Ch4, Filmfour, BBC4 and BBC2) and internationally in both galleries and at film festivals.


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