19 / 08 / 15 return of the unexpected

Last week – on the 11th August – an unexploded 2nd World War bomb was found around the corner from the Phytology site in Temple Street. It was found in a basement, and due to the size of it, was tricky for the military bomb disposal team to remove. “We can’t just carry it out […]

17 / 08 / 15 One Thousand Leaves – Phytology

My ‘induction’ to the phytology site was a few Saturday’s ago now and this week is my first week of residency. Looking back at my notes before I cycle over to the site, these are the things that speak to me: The soil is contaminated with lead and petroleum because of the fly-tipping that happened […]

Foundling Museum residency

My research residency at the Foundling Museum resulted in a limited edition series of postcards and a talk on the 25th March, 2014, with contributions from writer Deborah Levy. FM1 FM2 FM4 (Click on number to view postcard front and back) Extract from talk: Two pictures on a wall – Begin with a gesture. Where […]

24 / 1 / 14 In all its glory

Continuing my series of small interventions in the museum, I want to investigate a state of seeing which might be a little closer to a sense of touch and which shifts the regular distance that we maintain between ourselves and what we’re looking at. Working with a variety of the museum’s visitors on a mid-week […]

17 / 01 / 14 Seeing what’s there

How long does it take to really ‘see’ something? This is a question that I continually ask myself. And this sense of ‘seeing’ is very different from only using the eyes to investigate something – it also involves listening and maybe even smell and touch. I could say to myself, ‘well don’t I really mean […]

15 / 1 / 14 Banished Hands

I’m still catching up on processing the different directions my research has taken me in so far. Whilst part of my brain is dealing with that, here is some writing about a small intervention I carried out in the Museum on two occasions  before Christmas. These encounters form part of an ongoing element of my […]

20 / 12 / 13 A Kind of Map

This is a map I drew a couple of weeks back – it doesn’t begin to contain all of the layers of thinking, but it has some directions!      

6 /11/13 The Hand Knows…

In his book, Lines: A Brief History, Tim Ingold describes the traditional process of learning to write Chinese characters. Before putting pen on paper, children learn to follow the shape of each element of a character, using their hand to move through the shape, rather than learning it as an image. As they repeat these […]

28/10/13 Winding The Clocks

My research at the museum of childhood has various different strands. Like some kind of earthworm, I’m attempting to begin burrowing through the soil of over 200 years of archived history at the London Metropolitan Archives, whilst in my non-earthworm persona I’m approaching the museum from the present, from what’s contemporary about the many subjects […]

13/10/13 Foundling Museum

It’s begun. The day’s rhythm unfolds in small loops of movement. The Foundling Museum started life as the Foundling Hospital over 200 years ago. The name hospital comes from hospes (guest) and means a charitable institution rather than one that provides medical care. A lot happened during the years it functioned and in the London […]