Lines of Repairlimited edition posters, 2015memory has no grammarHD video, 7 mins, 2015The Old Woman and the SeaHD video, 10 mins, 2015

Sight Reading (redux)2015Some Attempts To Order Force glass photographic slides and writing, 2015Some Patterns of Current mixed media installation, 2014

VOICED(forthcoming) Oct 2015



A Last, A Quartet4-channel video installation, 23 mins, 2009A Place Less Imagineablesingle-screen video installation, 2007Before You Gosite-specific performance, 2008

Dark16mm film transferred to video, 1 min, 2003Daynightly They re-school you The Bears-Polka16mm film transferred to video, double
projection, 2006
Daynightly (Remixed)single-screen video installation, 2006

Einstein And The Honey BeeHD video, 3 mins 30 secs, 2011Everything That Happens Here Happens Here Todaylive performance, sculpture, video, 2009Everything You Say Will Become Dust Anywaylive performance, 2009

From the Other Sidelive performance / video, 2010Glass Bodyperformance installation, 2006it’s aching like birds16mm film transferred to video, 11 mins, 2001

Like a Birdsound installation, sculpture, 2010MeMolive performance / video, 2003My Mountain3-channel HD video, 10 mins, 2013

Offcutsongoing, 2007 –Rambles with Nature, Ramble 14 x cine-poems (video), 2013 REAPlive performance / video, 2004 – 5

Requiem for the Redhead?video 3 mins, 2009Sewing Your Shadowsite-specific performance, 2010Sheltering The Night, (re-enactment) video, 4 mins, 2011

Sight ReadingHD video, 9 mins, 2007Songs I’ve Been Sunglive performance, sound installation, 2008STILLlive performance / video 2007

Subtitlesvideo, 40 mins, 2006Whitechapel artist in residence 2011-2012mixed media, 2012