A Place Less Imagineable

This is a site-specific video installation, made in 2007. The sound and image appeared on a 1973 Toshiba black and white television, which was installed in a cleaning cupboard amongst an arrangement of cleaning materials. The door to the cupboard was kept shut and a viewer would discover, on opening the cupboard door, that the movement of the door triggered the image / sound to appear on the TV set. Due to the age of the TV set, whilst the sound could be heard immediately, the image would slowly appear in the fashion that was common to TV sets from the 1970’s. The text, spoken by actor, Gerard Bell, is an adaptation of a short story by Ursula Le Guin –  ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’, (1973) The text explores the philosophy of The Scapegoat, or that idea that the happiness of a society could be contingent on the suffering of a single individual. If, as in the city of Omelas, there comes a time when each member of the society must face the fact of their happiness, how will they respond?

Originally installed in 13, Gladstone Place, Brighton, APLI has been installed in cleaning cupboards at 22 Sandringham Road, London; Siobhan Davies Studios, London; Dance4, 3-9 Hockley, Nottingham and PS3 School of the Art Institute, Chicago.