From the Other Side

There’s an essence of stories contained in the very structure of language itself. And of language’s relationship to the imagination: if someone says to us, zebra, or a dragon breathing, or the Berlin wall, something very peculiar happens. Somewhere inside our heads, the word can trigger off a mental picture of all these things. No-one knows exactly where or how that image is produced or perceived.

From The Other Side is a performance by Christina Ciupke and Lucy Cash for a solo performer in relation to still and moving images. The work explores the construction of stories not just through the order in which events happen and their dramatic meaning, but also through the relationship these events have to time and space. Dissolving between the live performer and the photograph, images begin to create a dialogue of suspense. 2010 – 2011, performances included Sophiensaele, Berlin; and Jugendtheaterfestival Beijing, China.