Rambles with Nature, Ramble 1

Goldfinch Feast-pageRambles with Nature 1 is a collaboration with Sheila Ghelani and Becky Edmunds as part of Sheila’s year-long Rambles With Nature Project. Instigated by Sheila’s finding of Eliza Brightwen’s book Rambles with Nature Students, the ‘cine-poems’ are responses to the hedgerow and its social, cultural and political presence in our lives.

In January 2014 the cine-poems were shared for the first time as a 6 week installation that invited visitors to discover the works on their own ramble through Siobhan Davies Studios. Nestled in fake hedging, alongside some carefully selected objects, the piece invites audience members to slow down, listen and notice the ‘unseen’ or ‘overlooked’. Ramble 1 has since been shown at Cambridge Junction and Warwick Arts Centre and at Forest Fringe in Edinburgh 2015.

Instantly draws you in. Compelling combination of storytelling, images and music. Very engaging.” from visitors’ comments book.

For more info about the whole project see here