Sheltering The Night (re-enactment)

Sheltering The Night, (re-enactment) 2011 was part of SLICE, an international arts project in 2011 which brought together digital work by arts practitioners from Lahore (Pakistan) and London to create a dialogue between two diverse cultures. SLICE takes as its starting point an imaginary line drawn from Liverpool Street Station in London to Central Station, Lahore. The first mile of the line at the Lahore end, and the first at the London end, formed the inspiration for 20 new works in response to the cities.

Lucy’s response – Sheltering The Night (re-enactment) – was a moving image work that responded to the site of the old Providence Row Night Shelter on the corner of Crispin Street and Artillery Row, E1.

The building on this site is now accommodation for students at the London School of Economics as well as being a stop on numerous guided tours of the history of East London. Sure enough whilst attempting to make an incomplete re-staging of a crowd seeking shelter, (from an anonymous, late 19th Century image of the building), her activity became, itself, part of a re-enacted history for a crowd undertaking a ‘Jack The Ripper Tour’.

Through the staging of a gesture, (a woman standing waiting, hands clasped), the work opens up the possibility of coincidence and chance encounter and of the street itself as a collaborator.