STILL, choreographed and performed by Anna Krzystek, with live sound score by Tom Murray and film by Lucy Cash, pitches in between a solo of thrillingly controlled, starkly delineated movement and an art installation. Five monitors, ranged across the space, pass around shifting images of another room in another time. Real time is punctuated by high pitched pulses, low dronings, outbursts of abrasively scratchy noise. Within this context, Krzystek’s body writes her repeating loops of precise action: head pivoting in detailed searches, foot probing and mapping the floor, every move a study in uncluttered, poised intensity, the moments of stillness every bit as compelling. It’s as if you’re spying on different dimensions at once – and it’s fascinating.” 
Mary Brennan – The Herald

Performances of STILL include: New Territories Tramway, Glasgow 2007; British Council showcase, Roubaix 2007; Les Halles, Brussels 2008.