I’m really delighted to have been selected for one of five commissions for VOICED a writing project instigated by artists Lucia Montero and Duncan Robertson as part of Phytology.

Phytology, (an old word for botany) produced by Nomad, is an inter-discplinary project based on a disused piece of land in Bethnal Green which has been transformed into a medicinal plant meadow. The project takes on many different forms that aim to challenge ideas of use, value and resilience and brings together different kinds of artists and members of the local (and wider) community with the site’s gardener and herbalists in a very exciting exchange.

There are multiple commissions and events as part of the larger project which can be viewed here on the website for Phytology.

The site is open to the public on Saturdays for the harvesting of medicinal plants for own use or just to come and spend time and find out more about plant remedies!

I will be updating my notebook in relation to this project.

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